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Private Label Hemp Manufacturer

Private Label Hemp Manufacturer

As a private label hemp manufacturer, Solis Labs prides itself on selling the best THC-free CBD products in the world. Everything that we do - from the strains we select to the extraction process itself - is all designed to create the best possible hemp product for our private label customers. Additionally, we understand that businesses looking to private label hemp products do not want to sell anything that has not been lab-tested and verified. After all, it is your brand that will be on the product!

At Solis Labs, we test every ingredient before we mix them, and we test the end product of every product that we sell. We also provide an internal lab report on the raw oil itself. Then, on every finished product, we provide a third-party lab report on every batch.

Who Wants THC-Free CBD Oil?

When we think about CBD, we think about hemp, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant. In states where marijuana has been legalized - either recreationally or medicinally - people often take CBD with THC. If you are just starting a CBD company or thinking about starting a CBD company, you might wonder who on earth would want THC-free CBD. That'd be like buying a tobacco-free cigarette. Right? Wrong.

Athletes, people who are worried about drug testing, people who have had negative reactions to THC in the past, and people who have religious beliefs are just some of the kinds of people who want a THC-free CBD product. There is a huge and growing market of people who want to take CBD because of its amazing holistic powers, but they don't want the THC.

Why Solis Labs is Exclusively THC-Free

At Solis Labs, we want to promote health and wellness. We don't care if people get high on marijuana. That's their business. However, our company sells THC-free products because there is a very large market for it, and we want to focus on the healing powers of the cannabis plant, not its intoxicating powers.

Further, it gets very tricky concerning CBD laws when there is THC present in the products. Hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states. The federal government does not have any laws against hemp-derived CBD. However, CBD that is derived from cannabis is only legal in states that have legalized cannabis. Even in those states, you may need a medical card to order and use it. Still, cannabis-derived CBD products cannot be delivered in the mail since the postal service is a federal agency, and the federal government still considers cannabis-derived CBD illegal, even in states where it has been legalized.

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As you can see, it's much easier to sell THC-free CBD derived from the hemp plant. So that's what we do. More specifically, we sell high-quality hemp-derived CBD products to companies that want to private label our products. Contact Solis Labs today to partner with the best private label hemp manufacturer.

Private Label Hemp Manufacturer

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