Chiropractor Moreno Valley

Chiropractor Moreno Valley

What to do about your nagging back pain? Should you find yourself in this situation, you should consult a certified chiropractor in Moreno Valley right away. Consider Cedar Pointe Chiropractic Group or CPCG, your first line of support for this type of health concern. We offer a full spectrum of top of the line medical and functional health care solutions.

Personalized appointment-only consultation

Is this your first time seeing a Moreno Valley chiropractor at CPCG? Our doctors see patients on an appointment-only basis. You can schedule your appointment online or call us directly. We will schedule a consultative interview so that you can discuss your concerns with one of our chiropractors. It allows our attending specialist to learn about your condition and get a detailed understanding of symptoms.

We will create a report based on your account and our observation. During your in-office consultation, our licensed medical examiner will also perform a physical to corroborate your concerns.

DOT medical exam

Our DOT exam involves a hearing, vision test, urinalysis, physical, pulse/blood pressure check. As a full-service medical center committed to comprehensive chiropractic care in Moreno Valley, we want to understand your health status.

Using this three-step process, your attending healthcare provider will gather information about your medical history and health status. We will review this information to determine the right course of treatment. Dr. Paul Quaschnick is our chief board-certified DOT medical examiner.

Diagnostic testing for chiropractic care

If you are visiting our facilities, rest assured our licensed Moreno Valley

CA chiropractic physicians use advanced technologies and therapeutic techniques. We utilize x-rays, electro-diagnostic tests (nerve conduction velocity or NCV and electromyography, or EMG) to evaluate your back pain.

It will help your doctor pinpoint the source of your symptoms. What problems can EMG and NCV diagnostic tests identify? If you have nerve damage or neuromusculoskeletal disorder, our chiropractors near Moreno Valley will inform you. It also allows us to determine what caused nerve damage and if a doctor addressed the problem. Depending on the status, we will recommend further treatment or refer you to a specialist.

Chiropractic care treatment

Neuromuscuosketal complaints cover a broad scope of conditions, including headaches, legs, arms, neck, back, joint pain, and more. We primarily employ chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulation as a first-line treatment to restore functional movement and joint mobility. If you have a sports-related injury, tendonitis, strains/sprains, soft tissue disorder, muscle spasm, tightness, or soreness, this might help.

If you are looking to work with the best chiropractor’s office in Moreno Valley, our practice provides the highest quality care.  We emphasize a holistic healthcare approach, which involves: examination, diagnosis, and integrative treatment. Depending on your diagnosis, we will recommend rehabilitative exercises and stretches in conjunction with lifestyle adjustments. As part of our therapeutic regimen, we provide lifestyle counseling as well as dietary and nutritional guidance.

Where to book your back pain appointment? Call Cedar Pointe Chiropractic Group at (909) 988 - 2554 to schedule your consultation with a specialist now! You can trust our chiropractor in Moreno Valley to pinpoint the source of your symptoms.

Chiropractor Moreno Valley
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